Rosmundo – An Extraordinary Interview


With my fretwork bow, I cut the metal out of the honeycomb that takes shape in images with a deep intrinsic meaning. This peculiarity distinguishes all my jewels. The particularity of Rosmundo jewellery, high jewellery, is that they are all perforated on the verso, on the front and on the edge. It is not simply a decorative jewel, I value what is the thought and the identity of the person who wears it. A Rosmundo jewel is a real walking thought.


In my life, there is a fundamental passage that I will never forget: The birth of my first son Giuseppe, to whom Francesco followed. All this gave me an impetus, a strength to become even more unique to leave them something really important. Having an identity is worth much more than finances. My children have always accompanied me in these my works. Giuseppe used to come to the shop and touch the Te Deum with his own hands. For them it was essential to touch, they saw with their own eyes an idea become reality. So thanks to them and my wife Rosaria I got to this level. Now they are even closer because they have really taken my own path. When Francesco saw that I was doing Parsifal, another of my masterpieces, he too said, “One day I’ll do Parsifal”.

 Parsifal inspired by Villa Rufolo in Ravello

The thing that unites us is passion, that for them is an identity, not a job. Working and making a honeycomb for us is a peculiarity because they identify in this technique. If they had not had this passion, Rosmundo would have ended with me.

My son Giuseppe came to the shop, learned my technique perfectly, then at a certain point said: “Dad I have to go to Eboli because if I stay here with you, we will never grow up. My dream is that we become a brand “. It was the first time in my life that I heard about brands because I was used to talking about shops, crafts, historical sites. So it was that Giuseppe left a certain job in the shop to go to London.

I was very wary, I make works of art and he made me understand the identity and construction of a recognizable brand can get along. And that only in this way can we compete at great levels. We have a unique history and technique. When you see the figurative honeycomb, it’s Rosmundo.


The novelty today is that, first of all, I am supported by my children, the wind of youth that I needed. My work is long, of hours and hours of work, I have built a library and with a library comes dust. They took away the dust with a young design and audience. And so Rosaria and I opened up to social media. We did not love advertising because time ago if you wanted to advertise in magazines, the prices were absurd. I’ll give you an example, let’s talk about Vogue Gioiello, a magazine that disappeared and that was our Bible that we all aspired to. For a single facade they asked me for 30 million lire, 15 thousand euros! With the advent of social media, an extraordinary world has opened up, extraordinary opportunities. With little, we address a global audience. My doors have opened up to the world, allowing the story of Rosmundo to be told around the world is simply extraordinary. We hired a social media manager, which is a position I did not know about.

I wanted to reflect ìwhat was my image on social media and we are doing great things. Social media gave me the opportunity to open my mind to what is my land because I discovered how jewels can interact with wonderful places that surround me every day. I feel emotion where there is nature, where there is the landscape. Nature gives me an emotion that I transform into jewels. An emotion that, together with the digital department, we try to instil to all our followers. Think about this: we started from scratch and, in just 6 months, already more than 100 thousand people followed us between Instagram and Facebook! Continue reading the end of the interview clicking the button below >

Scritto da Vincenzo Girasoli

Una vita ad immaginare e costruire un futuro che non è mai stato così chiaro e limpido. Fatto di emozioni inesauribili alla vista dei colori che questo mio Paese sa ogni giorno regalarmi. Ho viaggiato, senza mai stancarmi, per poi fermarmi dinanzi al blu del mio Mediterraneo. Lì capire che qualcosa di grande e profondo, intenso e meraviglioso, stava accadendomi; e che non mi sarei mai più fermato. Tuffandomi in quel mare sapevo che non avrei più potuto tornare indietro. Al contempo sapevo che i brividi che mi percorrevano sarebbero stati i vostri. E che insieme avremmo corso sempre più veloce verso qualcosa di puro, autentico, genuino, felice. Qualcosa che con orgoglio chiamo Idressitalian.

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