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    Top 5 restaurants of Perugia with divine food and low prices

    Top 5 restaurants of Perugia with divine food and low prices according to @Idressitalian. Top 5 restaurants of Perugia with divine food and low prices – “The food is divine and the price is low”, how many times have you heard this phrase in Perugia? I bet very rarely. Getting up from the table happy and […] Continua

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    35 reasons to avoid Italy

    35 reasons to avoid Italy according to Idressitalian People are obssessed with Italy. Italy here, Italy there. Some want to visit Positano, others dream about Portofino, not to mention how good Italian food is! What if Italy was very overrated? We had to make sure people won’t waste their time visiting a worthless country such […] Continua

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    Best places for skiing in Italy

    Best places for skiing in Italy according to Idressitalian Best places for skiing in Italy  – December is upon us and our team can already hear all you lovers of Winter sports wondering: has it snowed yet? Where? While we wait for this glistering, soft flakes to fall and color the world white, we could […] Continua

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    Vasco Rossi released a new album to celebrate its 40 years of carreer

    Vasco Rossi released a new album: VASCO NON STOP Italian rocker Vasco Rossi celebrates his first 4o years of career with the release of a special anthology titled Vasco non-stop.  Known in his momeland simply as Vasco, the Italian artist is an ordinary man who’s led the Rock’n’Roll life. More than one generation of Italians […] Continua

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    The best collections of MFW SS17 – Top 5

    The best collections of MFW SS17 according to Idressitalian The ideal woman has been designed many times over the centuries just as if it were a piece of Art. Pursuing this womanly perfection, Italian fashion houses create new collections every year. Milan’s Fashion Week’s just wrapped up and we’re here to celebrate this event by presenting […] Continua

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    6 secrets of Palermo you would never expect

    6 secrets of Palermo that few in the world know 6 secrets of Palermo – “Cities, like dreams, are made of dreams and fears, even though they thread secretly, following impossible rules and deceitful perspectives. Everything conceals something else.” Italo Calvino, Invisible cities Tourists love Palermo, yet almost no one really knows it, its one-of-a-kind […] Continua

  • Il vero Gentleman Italiano
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    The real Italian Gentleman Who is this? Is he rich, handsmone? Maybe, but not necessarily. The real Italian Gentleman is a look at the past projected into the future, made of simple things but at the same time unique. The uniqueness as the main theme of choices never improvised. Reliability as the backbone of a word […] Continua

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    Italy – Let’s fly on your history… Spying on her from the top of a mountain peak, Italy seems to be a small plastic created by the most learned and spontaneous hand. The city appears as gray spots that blend with the shades of green and brown of a still predominant nature. From there, Italy […] Continua

  • cavalleria rusticana in calabria


    Cavalleria Rusticana: discovering the Norman Castle of Stilo, between past and present. I would like to start analysing these two words. Cavalleria is a noble and generous behavior, typical of feudal knights; rusticana indicates the knights’ behaviour that is relived by the peasants of the countryside. A noble soul like the one of Turiddo in love with Lola in the […] Continua

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    Expo Milan 2015: Milan is the locomotive of the Italian economic growth. Whilst I’m writing this article the President of Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella is closing the universal exhibition. I have shivers running through my back watching the images on tv. This universal exhibition has had and will have a deep and historical meaning for the whole Italy. Let’s go […] Continua

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    L’eleganza è un’attitudine: una passeggiata a Milano

    L’eleganza è un’attitudine, non si insegna e non si impara… …e spesso emoziona! Cosa può emozionare relativamente all’eleganza? Si può imparare a vestire bene, ma l’eleganza è un’altra cosa, l’eleganza è innata. O ce l’hai o non ce l’hai. A me piace chiamarla eleganza dello stile per riferirmi a quel quid che riesce sempre a fare […] Continua

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    Good morning Milan! A new air, a new light, a lovely surprise … Good morning to you is the phrase that I found on a wall of the new restaurant museum dedicated to the Master, the greatest of all time, Luciano Pavarotti. The first thing I thought was, what a beautiful word! But let’s start from […] Continua

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    Love in Portofino, a journey in search of happiness… Many times we believe we are lost in our things, our problems, our routine. We are constantly in search of happiness, but how many times we stopped to see what we really want from our lives? Here, my trip in Portofino was a journey in search of […] Continua

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    Santillo in Sardinia: the sea embraces a kind of lifestyle. Unique and indissoluble. I always desired to do a trip to Sardinia, wild land of Italy but at the same time flagship of luxury and good Italian lifestyle. The colors that distinguish this land are unique, as unique is this sea that embraces an intense […] Continua