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    All the benefits of olive oil according to our nutritionist

    The benefits of olive oil, from the pipeline till a Calabrian must production The benefits of olive oil – How often do we hear about the many benefits of olive oil, without being actually told how and why? Olive oil is known for having beneficial effects and being good for our health. It is extracted […] Continua

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    The best restaurants in Calabria – TOP 10

    The best restaurants in Calabria according to Idressitalian The best restaurants in Calabria – Calabria is a region full of restaurants, from the most expensive and refined to the more rustic-looking ones, maybe even family run businesses. Notwithstanding the great variety, all these places have something in common: fresh ingredients and love for the traditional cuisine. […] Continua

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    Amarelli Liquorice – “Pure excellence of Calabria”

    Amarelli Liquorice – Interview with the Amarelli Family According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, the best liquorice is a Calabrian growing. The body of this plant is feeble, however its roots are so strong and thick, penetrating so deep into the soil, that people believed liquorice came from Hell. We had the pleasure of meeting and chatting […] Continua

  • recipe of cotoletta alla milanese


    Recipe of cotoletta alla milanese – the queen of Milan The Milanese cutlet has always been the undoubted queen of Menus of Milan. It is one of the excellence dishes of Milan, same level of the risotto. And the mat to the demands of children Its history is an open debate between culinary beliefs of […] Continua

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    Ruvo di Puglia: land of beauty… Latitude: 41 ° 6’52 “N 56 Longitude: 16 ° 29’18” 96 E. These are the coordinates of a beautiful and special place to me: Ruvo Di Puglia. Here I have my roots, here I used to buy the grocery for my grandmother, here I felt the first scent of […] Continua