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    35 reasons to avoid Italy

    35 reasons to avoid Italy according to Idressitalian People are obssessed with Italy. Italy here, Italy there. Some want to visit Positano, others dream about Portofino, not to mention how good Italian food is! What if Italy was very overrated? We had to make sure people won’t waste their time visiting a worthless country such […] Continua

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    10 Things Italians can teach the world

    10 Things Italians can teach the world according to Idressitalian 10 things Italians can teach the world – There’s a great need for beauty and true emotions, something that goes beyond what’s conventionally considered luxury goods. Daily life lived home, eating, what to wear and family life itself. You can sell the greatest product, but […] Continua

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    10 cose che il mondo dovrebbe imparare dagli italiani

    10 cose che il mondo dovrebbe imparare dagli italiani e che gli italiani non dovrebbero mai dimenticare 10 cose che il mondo dovrebbe imparare dagli italiani – Emerge un grande bisogno di bellezza e d’emozione, al di là delle forme di lusso convenzionale: esperienze quotidiane che attengono alla casa, al cibo, all’abbigliamento sino ad arrivare ai […] Continua

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    Amarelli Liquorice – “Pure excellence of Calabria”

    Amarelli Liquorice – Interview with the Amarelli Family According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, the best liquorice is a Calabrian growing. The body of this plant is feeble, however its roots are so strong and thick, penetrating so deep into the soil, that people believed liquorice came from Hell. We had the pleasure of meeting and chatting […] Continua

  • San Domenico Palace
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    San Domenico Palace e Olivia Carmignani – Taormina è un sogno

    San Domenico Palace e Olivia Carmignani – La sensualità come vera forza dell’amore e della bellezza Cercava luoghi tranquilli, lontani dalle innovazioni della civiltà e Taormina aveva quelle qualità da lui ricercate. Un giorno scrisse ad un suo amico in Inghilterra: “Ho trovato una bellissima casa con giardino”. Quella casa, situata in via Fontana Vecchia, lo rese felice. […] Continua

  • Barberino's
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    Sicilian barbers in Milan – Barberino’s

    Sicilian barbers in Milan – “The orange trees perfume the green verges” Green as the muffled environment of a little piece of paradise “for gentlemen only“. A wholly artisanal chair, luster of the best Sicilian artisans. Sit down and close your eyes. The warm towel and a shaving brush dipped in almond soap which is a trip far […] Continua

  • Caffè Guglielmo

    Guglielmo coffee – Italian excellence from Calabria

    Guglielmo coffee – A coffee and an interview with Daniele Rossi, managing director and owner of Guglielmo S.p.A. Vincenzo, go and buy coffee… There are stories in Calabria that are fascinating and have a peculiar taste: rich in history, able to make you proud. Walking in to the Guglielmo s.p.a the first thing I said was “It […] Continua

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    7 tips on what to wear to look thinner

    7 tips on what to wear to look thinner – drop a couple of sizes with style “take care of your curves, they can be dangerous but they can’t be avoided”. Sacred words these of Mae West, first real sex symbol of American movies who already in the 40s understood that men really appreciated female […] Continua

  • Lavinia Fuksas presenta Admater
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    Lavinia Fuksas and AdMater

    Lavinia Fuksas and AdMater – “volcanic” jewels, proudly made in Italy Lavinia, the daughter of one of the world’s most admired architects. From Bocconi university, globetrotter and jewellery designer for the collection AdMater in collaboration with Alessandro Grimoldieu. Jewels made by precious metals that seem to be born from earth and fire. Let us discover together about it […] Continua

  • Il vero Gentleman Italiano
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    The real Italian Gentleman Who is this? Is he rich, handsmone? Maybe, but not necessarily. The real Italian Gentleman is a look at the past projected into the future, made of simple things but at the same time unique. The uniqueness as the main theme of choices never improvised. Reliability as the backbone of a word […] Continua

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    Buongiorno a te, Milano! Una nuova luce, una bella sorpresa… Questa è la frase da cui voglio partire raccontandovi del mio ultimo viaggio a Milano. Buongiorno a te è la frase che ho trovato su una parete del nuovo ristorante museo dedicato al Maestro, il più grande di tutti i tempi, Luciano Pavarotti. La prima cosa […] Continua