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How to dress for a successful job interview


How to dress for a successful job interview
How to dress for a successful job interview

For men:

  • If you have a suit, the coat must always be buttoned up, until you sit down. Also, if your jacket has 3 buttons, close only the middle one and maybe the first. If it only has 2, the just the first. (I stress again, just the first!). Also, no waistcoat, if you want to dare a bit then wear a nice cachemire cardigan under your suit jacket.
  • If your shirt is striped, then your tie has to be mono-colored and viceversa. The pochette has to recall the colors of your shirt and your tie. If the pochette is mono-colored: white shirt, white pochette; light blue shirt, light blue pochette.
  • If you opt for a jacket with a different color than your trousers, keep it open and here play with harmonic contrasts, nothing too extravagant. Example: grey trousers, black coat and dark blue shirt and viceversa.
  • Do you love having your initials sewed? Great, me too. However, make sure they are sewed on the part that touches your last rib on the right so they are visible. Any other position will not make you look good, trust me.
  • If you’re going for an interview at Facebook & Co. you can try wearing a simple t-shirt but make sure it is well-ironed. Simplicity does not equal “I do what I want”

For women (seen by a man)

  • The ends justify the means? Yes, but only to the curve. Never, never try getting a job by being sensual, even if (and now too often) you get it, be more than certain that you will regret it forever if you have any sense of dignity or sensibility.
  • This does not mean you need to be super conservative. The trick is to get them to remember you, not impress them in the moment. Make sure they remember you because of your style.
  • The key word is always “measure”. No massively high-heels, no skin-colored tights and no unbuttoned shirts below the second button.
  • If you are going for an interview at Prada, don’t wear a Chanel bag even if it is stunning. Also, don’t overdo the Prada look. Make sure you demonstrate to be in line with the company but without overdoing it. (Prada and Chanel were examples)

Unisex tricks

  • Rem tene, verba sequentur (have knowledge and things words will come by themselves)

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