mr nutella

Mr Nutella: The Italian genius.

I was very impressed by the death of Michele Ferrero, better known as Mr Nutella. A silent name, a worker I would say. He did not like the red carpet; he loved to be late at the factory to taste his chocolate and let the whole world dream with it. This is true, because all of us, when we eat a slice of bread and Nutella, we are happier than before….

mr nutella

Michele Ferrero, who was he?

mr nutella

Michele Ferrero was born by Pietro Ferrero and Piera Cillario in 1925 in Dogliani, a small town in the province of Cuneo.

In 1942 the father Pietro opened a workshop for sweets in Alba in via Rattazzi. The idea was to take the advantages from hazelnuts, widely available on site and cheap for those years (we are in the Second World War). This idea was ingenious and it reveals obsessive; Pietro himself tried and tried again pastes and creams, even in the dead of night waking his wife to ask for an opinion on what he was doing.

The obsession when good generates and feeds the genius.

In 1946 Pietro invents a cream with nuts called Pasta Gianduja first and Giandujot then, in combination with the famous Turin chocolate. It was a mixture of cream packaged in foil that could be easily transported to be cut and spread on bread. It produced a small quantity to sell to retailers of Alba, proving a huge and unexpected success of the consumer.

mr nutella

Why this enormous success? The Giandujot was cheap (just 600 Lire) and it was of an unique bounty: the demand was so high that a handicraft production was no longer possible.


mr nutella

 michele ferrero

On 20th of April 1964, the hazelnut cream changes in terms of formula, density and name. It was officially Nutella. The name, invented by Michele Ferrero, is brilliant. This product greatly increases the success of Ferrero outside national borders, arriving first in Europe and then worldwide.

mr nutella

mr nutella

michele ferrero

Follow inexorable resounding success thanks to inventions of unique and inimitable products.

Mon Chéri (1956), Tic Tac (1969), Ferrero Rocher (1982) up to the Kinder who now represent about 50% of company turnover.


Advertising combined with the quality was found to be the main driver of the runaway success. All Italians can never forget this TV commercial of 1992: “Ambrogio“.

The consolidated turnover of the group Ferrero SpA in 2013 was 8.1 billion euro. 24,800 employees divided into 15 establishments. Eight of these  are distributed in Europe and the remaining seven respectively in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Canada and the United States.

mr nutella

In May 2009, the Reputation Institute, after having carried out a survey in 32 countries, interviewing more than 60,000 people, said Ferrero is the most trusted brand with the best reputation in the world.


Michele Ferrero is dead two days ago as richest man of Italy, 30th in the world. Net worth 26.7 billion dollars.

Silent worker, never in a red carpet: you could see him happy when he had to reward his employers after 25-30-35-40 years of work.

Thanks Michele to have been a real Italian.

mr nutella

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