recipe of cotoletta alla milanese
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Recipe of cotoletta alla milanese – the queen of Milan

The Milanese cutlet has always been the undoubted queen of Menus of Milan. It is one of the excellence dishes of Milan, same level of the risotto. And the mat to the demands of children

la cotoletta alla milanese
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Its history is an open debate between culinary beliefs of Lombardy and a dish of Austria, the famous Viennese Weiner Schnitzel. There are people who believe that the first is the mother of the second and other who say that the cutlet is a mere imitation of the ancient Viennese dish.

la cotoletta alla milanese
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The fact is that up to there are many Italians and tourists that, in the moment they have to choose an easy and tasty second dish, they go for the cutlet.

The Italian name “Cotoletta” comes from French “Cotôlette” and it indicates one of the first six ribs of the veal tenderloin; in the Milanese dialect, it is simply “cutelèta”. In the Milanese dish the meat is first breaded in egg and breadcrumbs and then fried in butter, trying to make the breading as gold as possible. Tradition wants it to be served with the bone that in restaurant slang is called “the handle”.

la cotoletta alla milanese

Preparing it is simple and the result will be a success if you are careful in the two crucial points of the preparation: the breading and the frying.

la cotoletta alla milanese
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Ingredients for four people:
4 veal ribs at least 1,5 cm thick with bone

2 eggs

200 g of butter

200 g of breadcrumbs

Salt q.b.


Take off the bone and the lateral fat off the rib. Dip every piece of meat in the eggs and then in breadcrumbs on both sides covering perfectly the surface. Put the butter in a pan on a low fire, when it looks like cream and starts bubbling a bit then put the meat in it to fry, at least  minutes each side. Serve the cutlets warm with salad or chips, decorating with a nice piece of lemon.

It is the lady of Milanese tables, the accompany of important dinners and special anniversaries. The most Milanese of all meats, the most ancient recipe.

An unforgettable culinary experience is the cutlet of restaurant Ratanà, in Via De Castillia 28, it remains the best in all of Milan. The only bad thing is that you have to book a table at least a day early.

The Milanese cutlet, goodbye and see you on the next recipe.

La cotoletta alla milanese, Arrivederci alla prossima ricetta,

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