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The best Italian sparkling wines, region by region, according to Idressitalian…

The New Year has a great ability to light in all of us, a great enthusiasm. We place, in fact, in the year that is about to begin a great and new hope; Throw out the old to toast to the new!
Before we start, however, it is good to clarify the difference between classic method (sparkling wine / champagne) and Charmat method (sparkling wine)
We begin by saying that the classic method has a practically identical process to that of champagne; so far, the great Italian sparkling wines, only for a matter of brand, can not be called as the most famous French wines.
The substantial difference is that the sparkling wine production (fermentation) that for the Charmat method takes place in a large tank of steel while the classic method takes place in the bottle.
In the Charmat Method of sparkling, time  is short (a few months), while in the classic method of fermentation, time is much longer (at least 24 months)
Therefore it can be assumed that the Prosecco is a wine easier to drink in peace, with a fresher taste and serving temperature; to drink at an aperitif. The classic method, however, is more challenging and complex and that can be eaten throughout a meal.
So watch out not to be fooled: if you ask for a sparkling quality make sure you will be served with a traditional method whine and not a simple prosecco.
Now we can drink aware and change to our ranking.
We have compiled a ranking based on the history, the sensory quality and price. Enjoy!
  1. TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE – Giulio Ferrari Collezione 1995
The best Italian sparkling wines

Winery: F.lli Lunelli

It conquers for the fullness perfectly balanced by the freshness that sustains the taste . Its explosion of vitality leads to a final amazing persistence .
Very few vintages , only the best ; and a long aging on the lees . Giulio Ferrari Collection comes from the desire to defy time , the nature and myth . The one that led to the Giulio Ferrari is a cru , a single vineyard of Chardonnay . The vineyard is called Maso Pianizza , up to 650 meters high . Product in just 1500 copies , so hard to find. Alternatively Classic Giulio Ferrari Reserve Founder , would stand the first position ( Price € 80 approx )

2. VALLE D’AOSTA – Il Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle Cuvèe du Prince DOC

The best Italian sparkling wines
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WineryCave du Vin Blanc

Price: 34€

Fine wine, it is one of the municipalities of Morgex and La Salle , in Valdigne . The wine comes from the slopes of Mont Blanc . Here the vineyards are among the highest in Europe and the vine grows and prospers thanks to a very special microclimate characterized by mild temperatures . Mont Blanc , in fact , hinders the cold currents .
The first fermentation takes place in large oak and larch ; the second bottle , compared to the classic method , for 48 months.
It’s a wine to drink young , to preserve the fragrance and freshness . Of particular and intense pleasure : fruity with hints of rennet apples, almond aftertaste and a mineral finish .

3. LIGURIA –  Spumante Classico Abissi Dosage Zero 2013

The best Italian sparkling wines
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The best Italian sparkling wines
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Winery: Bisson

Price: 48€

A bet , a brilliant thought of Pierluigi Lugano , responsible of the Enoteca Bisson in Chiavari and small wine producer of interesting quality , to achieve a “sparkling”, rather than with a classic method, using a completely innovative technique and seemingly extravagant.

As he had the chance of writing even in the New York Times , on May 20 2009 the first 6500 bottles of wine of the 2008 vintage a cuvee of Bianchetta Genovese and Vermentino , with varying percentages depending on the year , thanks to the collaboration of the Area Marine Park Portofino , were immersed in “Cala des Anglais” in the heart of the park , off the coast of Portofino . Placed in steel caissons under the sea .
Revealed after 18 months this “Ligurian” classic method, surprises for its quality and finesse.


The best Italian sparkling wines
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Winery: 1701

Price: 30€

5. PUGLIA – La Dama Forestiera 

The best Italian sparkling wines

Winery: d’Araprì

Price: 60€

6. EMILIA ROMAGNA – Extra Cuvée Brut  Metodo Classico

The best Italian sparkling wines
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Winery: Francesco Bellei

Price: 19€

7. FRIULI Ribolla Gialla Spumante

The best Italian sparkling wines
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Winery: Eugenio Collavini

Price: 25€

8. TOSCANA – Particolare Inedito Premier Cuvée

The best Italian sparkling wines
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Winery: Tenuta del Buonamico

Price: 18€

9. MARCHE –  Brut  Riserva Millesimato Ubaldo Rosi

The best Italian sparkling wines
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Winery: Colonnara

Price: 24€

10. PIEMONTE – “Cuveè Tradizione” Caluso Spumante doc

The best Italian sparkling wines

Winery: Orsolani

Price: 20€

11. VENETO – Equipe 5 Metodo Classico Riserva

The best Italian sparkling wines
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Winery: Cantina di Soave


12. CAMPANIA – Falanghina Brut Dubl

The best Italian sparkling wines
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Winery: Feudi di San Gregorio

Price: 15€

13. CALABRIA – Almaneti Spumante Brut Bianco Metodo Classico

The best Italian sparkling wines
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Winery: Librandi

Price: 15€

14. ABRUZZO – 36 Metodo Classico

The best Italian sparkling wines
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Winery: Eredi Legonziano

Price: 10€


15. BASILICATA – La Stipula Spumante Brut Metodo Classico 2011

Cantina: Cantine del Notaio

Price: 19€

16. UMBRIA – Riesling 2009 Brut

Winery: La palazzola

Price: 14€

17. LAZIO – Bellone Brut

Winery: Marco Carpineti

Price: 15€

18. SARDEGNA – Terzavia Cuvée Riserva

Winery: Marco de Bartoli

Price: 30€

19. SICILIA – Passocalcara Metodo Classico

Winery: Musita

Price: 9€

20. MOLISE – Molise Chardonnay Spumante DOC


Well, let’s toast Italian,

Happy New Year!

Vincenzo Girasoli – @idressitalian

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