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    Secrets for a flawless skin without make up

    All the secrets for a flawless skin without make up revealed by our beauty expert Secrets for a flawless skin without make up – Here we go again. Autumn is here with its shorter days and cloudy skies. It’s time to say good bye to sunny beaches, to the sea, so long sun-kissed skin. It’s […] Continua

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    All the benefits of olive oil according to our nutritionist

    The benefits of olive oil, from the pipeline till a Calabrian must production The benefits of olive oil – How often do we hear about the many benefits of olive oil, without being actually told how and why? Olive oil is known for having beneficial effects and being good for our health. It is extracted […] Continua

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    No time to dine at home? Here’s some healthy lunchbox ideas

    Healthy lunchboxes to let you feel and work better and better! In Milan it’s called “schiscetta”, Londoners call it “lunchbox” while in Japan it’s known as “bento”. What are talking about? We’re talking about a little box made of different materials, be it tin or plastic and it serves the purpose of carrying our food […] Continua

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    Bikini Test: How to Own it in two weeks!

    Bikini Test – If you start well… Bad weather may not give us a break, but summer is upon us nonetheless and you don’t want to get caught unprepared for every girl’s nightmare: the bikini test! Every year it strikes us down without mercy. Girls who behaved during the whole year, eating properly and going […] Continua