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All the benefits of olive oil according to our nutritionist

The benefits of olive oil
The benefits of olive oil – Photo credit:


EVOO is the key element of the Mediterranean diet, but thanks to scientific studies, today we also know that it can prevent a variety of ailments.

It lowers the level of cholesterol in our blood thanks to the sterols it contains. Plus, the oleic acid and the palmitic acid lower the levels of LDL cholesterol – the bad kind – while supporting the HDL cholesterol, the good kind. According to studies, these substances prevent strokes and heart diseases.

It lowers our blood pressure meaning that the possibility of a heart attack is reduced by 30% . Plus,  polyphenols and Vitamin E are powerful antioxydants, preventing Arteriosclerosis and the aging of our cells.

If fights Artritis and Osteoporosis as proved by recent studies aimed at showing how eating olive oil can actually prevent rheumatism and the weakening of the bones.

It prevents cancer: studies proved how regular consumption of olive oil prevents various forms of cancer, especially breast cancer.

Reduces the risks of Diabetes: the magazine Diabetes Care published an article where the benefits of a diet rich with olive oil reduces the risks of Type 2 Diabetes by 50%

It fights depression as observed during a Spanish study, probably thanks to the unsaturated fats contained in it, some species of fish and some greens.

Reduces the risks of developing Alzheimer according to the magazine Chemical Neuroscience, a substance present in the oil – the one responsible for that feeling of a momentary itch in our throat when we eat raw oil – it’s what would prevent the risk of developing Alzheimer.

It helps the digestion because it cleans the digestive apparatus, keeps the intestines clean and active, preventing constipation.

It protects the blood vessels thanks to polyphenols that strenghten our veins and arteries keeping them elastic – the result is a healthy cardiovascular apparatus.

It stimulates our brain according to a French study that proved how EVOO actually safeguards mnemonic functions and speaking abilities in adults and elders.


Olive oil has always been known as a beauty elixir

Recent studies discovered how the olive oil’s composition resembles that of human sebum. This means that thanks to its beneficial substances such as good fats and Vitamin E, EVOO  – if eaten raw – has an anti-aging effect on our skin, making it healthier, compact and glowy. Additionally, EVOO fight free radicals, inflammations and oxidation caused by stress.

To be continued… don’t miss the second part of this article dedicated to EVOO: next time we’ll tell you how to tell a quality olive oil from a cheap one and illustrate a Calabrian worldwide excellence.

Doctor Hilary di Sibio

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