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1930 Milan – the only truly misterious secret bar in Italy

1930 Milano -Photo credit: Lucia Franco
1930 Milano

1930 Milan – a unique place for unique people

Benjamin was waiting for me at the door of the “30 Caffetteria” at number 19. It is said that around here a few years ago passed the tram number 19 and 30.

You would never expect that, behind that signboard a bit dated, you can hide the bar that everyone knows by hearsay but no one has ever lived basically. Until you do not cross that door. As long as you do not turn on the lamps, candles; The pleasant sound of mixtures that are lost in the ice. Until the piano begins to play. Is it swing, is it jazz? Is it forbidden?

No, 1930 is not forbidden but it is not for everyone. And the atmosphere is the one of Prohibition ’30s. The furnishings of 1920. The Italian taste that melts to the French one in the “belle époque“.

A place to meet, escape, relax with a drink in the 18 on the list. The drink list is a veritable novel in which wind and knot 11 consecutive cocktails in addition to 7 seasonal. Try – “El Milanes” and “La Martorana” – the Italian cocktail list. You know, I appreciate, you can feel part of the same family. But even before you ask: to enter?

A place to meet, escape, relax with a drink of 18 available on the list. The drink list is a real novel in which 11 must cocktails meet 7 seasonal. Try – “El Milanes” and “La Martesana” – the Italian ones. You will meet, appreciate each other and feel part of the same family. But even before you will ask: how to get in if it is secret?

The “syntax” says that you neet to join “MAG cafe” first; after if you’ll be “nice to the owners (Marco and Flavio) you will receive the member card to get in. Who knows that one day I will tell you the story of Idressitalian behind a good Scottish gin; right here to 1930.

A unique place for unique people.

Vincenzo Girasoli

Curiosity: 1930 was founded on 19+3+0=22th of February of 1+9+3+0=’13 (at h.19.30). Conspiracy are never coincidences.

Scritto da Vincenzo Girasoli

Una vita ad immaginare e costruire un futuro che non è mai stato così chiaro e limpido. Fatto di emozioni inesauribili alla vista dei colori che questo mio Paese sa ogni giorno regalarmi. Ho viaggiato, senza mai stancarmi, per poi fermarmi dinanzi al blu del mio Mediterraneo. Lì capire che qualcosa di grande e profondo, intenso e meraviglioso, stava accadendomi; e che non mi sarei mai più fermato. Tuffandomi in quel mare sapevo che non avrei più potuto tornare indietro. Al contempo sapevo che i brividi che mi percorrevano sarebbero stati i vostri. E che insieme avremmo corso sempre più veloce verso qualcosa di puro, autentico, genuino, felice. Qualcosa che con orgoglio chiamo Idressitalian.

1930 Milano -Photo credit: Lucia Franco

1930 Milano – Il bar segreto

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