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    How and where to photograph Milan to get the most likes

    How and where to photograph Milan to get the most likes according to @Idressitalian How and where to photograph Milan – Taking photos that will secure you hundreds, if not thousands of likes on Instagram, is not simple. Even harder is, consequentially, increasing the number of followers. However, if you start by posting pictures of great […] Continua

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    Milan’s top universities according to Idressitalian

    Milan’s top universities seen by Idressitalian Call it University or call it College, the highest degree of education was created in the Middle Age, though its origin dates back to Ancient Greece, were a similar institution was called Platonic Academy. The oldest university of the world was founded in Bologna in 1088 – and before […] Continua

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    Discover Milan – 10+1 places you cannot miss

    Discover Milan – The city you do not expect Discover Milan – It is the kind of city that welcomes people like a mother would even with those who aren’t her very own children and nurtures them. Milan’s Madonnina protects the metropolis below her and when the light shines right, you can see the statue blinking from the […] Continua

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    The best ice-cream in Milan – Top 3

    The best ice-cream in Milan according to Idressitalian The best ice-cream in Milan – Milan may be a northern metropolis, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a proper cult for good ice cream – on the contrary here ice cream is a tradition uphold as much in winter as in summer. Generally, the quality is high, […] Continua

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    Sicilian barbers in Milan – Barberino’s

    Sicilian barbers in Milan – “The orange trees perfume the green verges” Green as the muffled environment of a little piece of paradise “for gentlemen only“. A wholly artisanal chair, luster of the best Sicilian artisans. Sit down and close your eyes. The warm towel and a shaving brush dipped in almond soap which is a trip far […] Continua

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    Good morning Milan! A new air, a new light, a lovely surprise … Good morning to you is the phrase that I found on a wall of the new restaurant museum dedicated to the Master, the greatest of all time, Luciano Pavarotti. The first thing I thought was, what a beautiful word! But let’s start from […] Continua