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Sicilian barbers in Milan – Barberino’s


Niccolò Bencini e Michele Callegari. “From finance to the grooming world”. Would You tell us your story? How did the idea start?

Lifelong friends, colleagues in the world of finance. Divided between Milan, London and Prague for business, at some point we realized that low cost airlines, Internet, video conferencing have made the world smaller, multiplying the accesible places. But the time available remained the same, and without realizing we had no longer it for ourselves. Right us who love that Italian lifestyle made of small gestures and hedonistic pleasures. So we decided to create a small place in one of themost beautiful hidden backyards in Milan where all the getlemen could have time for themselves.

What does it mean to be a gentleman in a city like Milan?

A key word: “discretion” or as they say in London “understatement.” In the elegance, lifestyle, manners, gestures, places, all over. For this we have opened in Corso Magenta because for us this road is a symbol of understatement in Milan. It also means seeking “luxury to be enjoyed” not to own or to show off. Exactyle what we offer with our services involving the multiplicity of senses that join the everyday spontaneously

What do you see of your previous work in this new adventure?

Definitely we would say the approach, the maniacal attention to details and passion for perfection in terms of finished product, whatever it is. We have exasperated the people with whom we have worked to review packaging, design, wordings, uniforms; trying again and again to be able to say: “in this way, it’s perfect.” Continue reading by clicking >

Scritto da Vincenzo Girasoli

Una vita ad immaginare e costruire un futuro che non è mai stato così chiaro e limpido. Fatto di emozioni inesauribili alla vista dei colori che questo mio Paese sa ogni giorno regalarmi. Ho viaggiato, senza mai stancarmi, per poi fermarmi dinanzi al blu del mio Mediterraneo. Lì capire che qualcosa di grande e profondo, intenso e meraviglioso, stava accadendomi; e che non mi sarei mai più fermato. Tuffandomi in quel mare sapevo che non avrei più potuto tornare indietro. Al contempo sapevo che i brividi che mi percorrevano sarebbero stati i vostri. E che insieme avremmo corso sempre più veloce verso qualcosa di puro, autentico, genuino, felice. Qualcosa che con orgoglio chiamo Idressitalian.


Barberino’s – Barbieri di Sicilia in Milano

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