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Sicilian barbers in Milan – Barberino’s

barberinos_shop_ottobre2015_hd-38You have visited Sicily. What impressed you of those places?

We visited Sicily because it was right starting from the origins of this art. Where this tradition was born and where it is respected yet. Shaving, in fact, is a ritual that is repeated with the same solemnity every day and barber shops in this way become hangouts. There we observed the best barbers at work, particularly in “Belpasso”, a small town at the foot of Mount Etna, where we found two exceptional barbers like Ivan and Antonino who now work with us. In Catania, in the laboratory of “Gioia” we asked to produce, entirely by hand, our barber chairs (a unique piece in Lombardy) using the models and following the style of the first half of the ‘900.

It tooks two months, but it was worth it: so we brought a piece of Sicily in Milan. More generally the experience in Sicily, with typical rhythms of this land, has also taught us what later became the Barberino’s philosophy: “Time is the true wealth and we have to trim off a bit for ourselvess.” We returned to Milan with this awareness. “La valle del Bove” is definitely a place that fascinated us and made us think. There, in the quiet, you go beyond time and space, you forget about everything and everyone; you can concentrate on yourself. We like to think that in our boutique you can experience the same feeling.

How many made in Italy there is in what you do?

Simply everything. The design details and uniforms take up the concept of the Italian luxury barber shop of ‘900. Training and so the style of our barbers is followed exclusively by our Barber School under the supervision of a trainer as Gian Paolo Garufo that assist us from the beginning, stronger of 40 years of experience in this sector; a great professionalism. The products are entirely designed, developed and packaged by a selected team of experts, designers and craftsmen, the best expression of Italian excellence. Personally we follow the entire production process, from formulation to the choice of ingredients, until the packaging.

A product of your beauty routine that you cannot renouce.

Michele: “the balm to soften the beard. Produced from the delicate texture that keeps the skin and the beard hydrated and all day long. Essential because I won’t renounce to my beard nor the kisses of my newborn baby. ”

Niccolò: “moisturizing and anti-aging face cream ” based on stem cells. Small hedonistic ritual that accompanies me every morning , I cannot renounce.

Why did you decide to become Idressitalian partner?

Because our philosophies are based on the same values and are driven by the same passion for craftsmanship and love for the beautiful country, Italy. “Il Bel Paese”.

Vincenzo Girasoli

Barberino’s – Classic Italian barber shop
Address: Corso Magenta, 10, 20123 Milano

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Scritto da Vincenzo Girasoli

Una vita ad immaginare e costruire un futuro che non è mai stato così chiaro e limpido. Fatto di emozioni inesauribili alla vista dei colori che questo mio Paese sa ogni giorno regalarmi. Ho viaggiato, senza mai stancarmi, per poi fermarmi dinanzi al blu del mio Mediterraneo. Lì capire che qualcosa di grande e profondo, intenso e meraviglioso, stava accadendomi; e che non mi sarei mai più fermato. Tuffandomi in quel mare sapevo che non avrei più potuto tornare indietro. Al contempo sapevo che i brividi che mi percorrevano sarebbero stati i vostri. E che insieme avremmo corso sempre più veloce verso qualcosa di puro, autentico, genuino, felice. Qualcosa che con orgoglio chiamo Idressitalian.


Barberino’s – Barbieri di Sicilia in Milano

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